Company History

Catalyst Insurance, Ltd. was created to meet the needs of the nationwide ambulance and emergency medical transportation services industry to obtain adequate insurance coverage at affordable rates.

The owners of Catalyst Insurance, Ltd. found that purchasing conventional insurance had become increasing unpredictable and expensive with insurance premiums continually rising in spite of historically positive loss experience.

Catalyst Insurance, Ltd. was formed on June 1, 2005. With the assistance of Captive Resources the original members of Catalyst Insurance, Ltd. sought to create a more customized, affordable, long-term insurance alternative.

Through ownership in Catalyst Insurance, Ltd. the member companies have truly taken long-term control over insurance expenses due to their commitment to safety, loss control and superior loss performance.

The Board of Directors approved the expansion of eligible classes of business to other healthcare related companies. Types of other businesses include: Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Home Healthcare Agencies, and Para-Transit/Community Associations.